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Xavier Lee

Determined, and always daring to dream bigger

Game programmer and designer


About me

Who am i?

I'm Xavier Lee, currently a third year polytechnic student studying at Singapore Polytechnic under the Game Design and Development Diploma (DGDD). I am an aspiring game programmer, designer and developer who is always looking for ways to upskill myself.

My Games

My games

My completed game projects


3D Multiplayer shooter

Set in a distant future where the red and blue country and constantly at war, the theme of the game is sci-fi. Arena Overflow is a simulator meant for training your mecha pilots. Destroy all your opponent’s blocks or them before the timer runs out.


2D side scroller runner

Take control of a cute slime, sliding and jumping through the world! The inhabitants have been infected by a virus and you are the only one who can save them!

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2D Strategy shooter

Help the croc get back to the river! Just drag and shoot and watch it go! Watch out for the different animals that are in the way, they could help the croc of drown it!


Infinite runner

3D shooter

Snipe and destroy enemies with this endless runner game! Run as far as you can while avoiding obstacles or use bullets to destroy them! When you're done, compete with your friends to see who is the ultimate cypher warrior!


3D Tower defence

Master the art of hunting ghosts! A rich client has given you a job to liberate his mansion from the pesky ghosts! Draw a path to dictate the route of the ghosts and utilize various contraptions and gadgets to defend.


2D Multiplayer


Work with your fellow teammate to survive as long as possible by using your "Connection" to destroy asteroids and comets. Be careful! If one of you gets hit the amount of lives will be reduced. Utilize various power-ups in order to get the highest score!

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Casual educational

Learn the ins and outs of a hospital in this training game! Raise your situational awareness to stay alert at all times at the hospital and reinforce knowledge with lighthearted and experimental minigames to become an outstanding nurse!

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2D action platformer

Play through the eyes of Holy Knight, Reign, battling through demonic mages led by The General who has destroyed your birthplace. Hunt them to avenge your people and rid the evil of this world!


3D Puzzle game

a 3D puzzle game which requires you to get yourself and the blue block to the goals. Utilize mechanics to form the perfect path!


My completed application projects


AR app

Have and use your very own omnitrix by simply scanning a picture! Customize the watch by changing different colors and make your very own unique omnitrix!

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